Over the last decade, I have published occasional essays about my work and ideas. Those that are available online or pdf download, you can access here:

“Redefining Beauty in the Context of Sustainability”  in Regenerative Infrastructures, New York: Prestel, 2013.

“Infinity City: Translations of an Atomic Pilgrimage” in Women Environmental Artists Directory Magazine, Issue No. 5, “Atomic Legacy Art,” Susan Steinman, ed., 2012.

“Manifesto for the 21st Century” (unpublished), 2012

“Creative Reconnection: Combining Art and Ecoliteracy to Reconnect Urban Communities to Nature,” in Ecopsychology Journal, Mary Ann Leibert, Inc. Vol. 3 No. 4 Dec. 2011.

“Teaching Systems Thinking and Practice Through Environmental Art,”
Ethics and the Environment,  Vol. 8 No. 1, Indiana University Press 2003




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