Osher Lifelong Learning – Reflecting and Shaping our American Identity: American Art 1950 – Present

Find online resources for my class here.



Art in the Anthropocene:
See my PowerPoint presentation, which I gave on March 17, 2016 for the Sustainable Communities conference at California University of Pennsylvania (see my homepage for more info on the conference). Here’s my lecture notes that supplement the presentation and include the links I mentioned in my talk, plus links to all the artist web sites and a few bonus ones!

Environmental Art – Igniting Awareness and Action:

See the PowerPoint presentation I gave on May 7, 2015 to the Pittsburgh Biofilia Meetup held at the Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory.

Backyard Botanical Field Guide





Botanical Art¬† by youth at Assemble‘s Learning Party, 4/8/2015, led by Ann Rosenthal

Backyard Botanical Field Guide

This downloadable field guide provides worksheets and resources for cataloging the plants in your backyard. Fun and educational activity for the whole family! If you take on this challenge, please report back and let me know about your progress! I would love to post pages from your field guide on this site!



3 Responses to Resources

  1. Nancy Truax says:

    This is so nice to see. I have my students drawing all the time and “observational drawing” is the best. Too many teenagers draw right from the internet and copy the image and idea….discouraging!

    • Nancy, I totally agree! I think once they are introduced to observational drawing, they maybe rely less on the internet? Or maybe there’s a way to have them use the resources of the internet, e.g., to look up the name of a plant, rather than mimicking a subject or style? What do you think?

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