For some months now, I’ve been thinking about a project that would visually chart my creative history in parallel with defining events in world history and art that have been important to me. It would look something like three parallel visual time lines: one my own work over some 30 years, historic events, and contemporary art history. The task has seemed overwhelming, especially the thought of cataloging 30 years of work, though by some accounts, I am fairly organized. It dawned on me that one way to begin this is just simply to use index cards, which I have in great abundance and in several colors, and note each of my projects on a card. I do not intend to catalog everything, rather mostly projects and works, often collaborative, that have demanded significant time, research and thought.

I have been working on my indexing for a few weeks now, and here are a few visuals of my efforts. Each decade is a different color. Unlike a resume of exhibitions, this accounting is project based. I am excited to see my efforts before me, concisely laid out in visual form. It will be interesting to add the other two parallel time lines, whenever I get to that part. This will be an ongoing project for some time, which I want to then organize into notebooks,  each project with its digital files and various paperwork, all in one place, eventually leading to self-publishing a catalog or two.


About Ann T. Rosenthal

eco/community artist, educator, writer
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