Spring 2013 Announcements

Book Launch: Regenerative Infrastructures

I am pleased to announce that my essay “Redefining Beauty in the Context of Sustainability” is the lead essay in Regenerative Infrastructures: Freshkills Park, NYC. This lavish, hard-bound volume features thoughtful essays and stunning photographs of the Land Art Generator Initiative’s 2013 Competition, published by Prestel. Get your copy at Amazon! I’ll be in NYC June 26 for the book launch and exhibition of the winning entries at Arsenal Gallery in Central Park. See the LAGI event page for details.

AFTA Conference Exhibition: Sustaining Systems

Pittsburgh artist Rose Clancy and I are co-curating “Sustaining Systems,” an exhibition of 12 local artists/projects for the Americans for the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh on Saturday, June 15. As the the last stop on AFTA’s Green Arts Spaces and Initiatives ArtVentures tour, the exhibition will feature a broad sampling of environmentally themed works, including realized and proposed restoration projects, installations, and discrete artworks.  A public reception from 7-10pm will follow the tour, and there will be an open house on Sunday, 2-5pm. The venue will be LOCUS, my studio and social practice venture, in the neighborhood of Bloomfield. See the web site for a preview of the exhibition and more info. A few examples follow of the work of Connie and Tom Merriman and Angelo Ciotti whose installations will be in the show. Rose is designing a beautiful little catalog funded by GPAC and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Merriman01Sml CiottiSite01

2014 Exhibition: Moving Targets

My collaborator Steffi Domike and I are hard at work on our art installation Moving Targets for the 2014 centenary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Moving Targets parallels the migration and demise of the passenger pigeon with the diaspora of our mothers’ families from the Ukraine to this continent. We are pleased to be exhibiting this project May 4 – June 29, 2014 at Ryerson Woods art and nature center near Chicago, which will coincide with their annual Smith Nature Symposium, the theme of which will be Extinction/Survival. A few drafts of pieces for the exhibition follow. There will be several of these mixed-media boxes in varying sizes arranged in a wunderkammer-type format. We are looking for additional venues to exhibit this work in 2014 (please contact us if you are interested). For more info about the centenary and Moving Targets see Project Passenger Pigeon.



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