More Botanical Drawings: Twigs!

Trying to catch up with my second botanical drawing course, after the fact–twigs! Amazing variety. Look, observe, respect, admire.



About Ann T. Rosenthal

eco/community artist, educator, writer
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2 Responses to More Botanical Drawings: Twigs!

  1. Jo Hockenhull says:

    Hi Ann…..I really enjoyed these drawings and watercolors! –Thank you! I remember what Wiley said the first time he went to NYC. “All the important statements in ART seemed to be well taken care of. That means I can do anything I want!”

    • Hi Jo! Thanks for posting and for Wiley’s quote! I am so loving doing these pieces (and more that I will add soon). However, I feel somewhat guilty b/c they are not ‘academically rigorous’! On the other hand, I’m at the point in my life and so-called career where that doesn’t matter so much anymore, so I will take Wiley’s comment to heart!!

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