Northwest Watercolors

A glorious road trip with artist friend Ann Leda beginning on Vashon Island, WA – Mt. Rainier  view from her porch (watercolor 1). Stayed at the home of her friend Norma who has a lush garden bursting with color (watercolor 2). On to Pullman to celebrate the retrospective of my long-time colleague, mentor and friend, Jo Hockenhull at Washington State University. A pleasantly full reception and full moon party the next night with music and a spread of food.  Managed a picnic and swim at the Snake River (watercolor 3) with art historian and writer Susan Platt and her architecture historian husband Henry. Lovely! Return trip through Yakima to visit artist/curator Cheryl Hahn, who is painting/collaging/staining wonderful organic works on wood panels reflective of the golden hills of the Palouse.  Skirting Mt. Rainier back to Seattle and Vashon. Inspired by my friends’ continued art practice/research/writing, process, and production, awed by their deep creativity and commitment.


About Ann T. Rosenthal

eco/community artist, educator, writer
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